SMA Pro Onboarding Updates

SMA Pro Housekeeping

  • New members: Please review our LinkTree each day for latest updates. Do not trade till you have reviewed our onboarding document (first link)!
  • We have an Open Position Journal– use this in conjunction with our SMA Performance Portfolio to Obtain a transparent view of how we manage each position over time.
  • Remember: the SMA Portfolio is a static, model folio. You are still expected to use proper portfolio, trade and risk management with every position.
  • Review our SMA Trading Principles prior to trading or investing in any name on our list.
  • The Open Position Journal has gone through a facelift!
    • Ability to sort open positions by investing strategy, investment timeframe, and position conviction Commentary now mobile/printer friendly
    • Comments sorted to show latest comment FIRST
  • Performance Tracker / Open Positions Open positions now includes additional details
    • Action summary: CLOSE, MONITOR, HOLD or BUY
    • Links to annotated charts for easy referencing –Specific notes on levels to buy/trim/sell

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