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The stock market is one of the most amazing wealth generation tools that individual investors have at their disposal. But for many, navigating the stock market can be a daunting task. The road to successful investing has no shortcuts – it is paved with emotional challenges, disinformation, and failure.  Without the right perspective, education,  process, and psychology, your commitment will be tested. 

At Seattle Market Analytics, we take a structured approach to prepare individual investors for the road ahead. Our resources help investors answer CRITICAL investing questions. These include “Am in touch with my investment psychology and strategy? What direction is the stock market heading? What asset classes, sectors, and industries are outperforming the market?  Do I understand the fundamentals and technical of the stock that I am buying?”   

We believe that investors who ask these questions consistently will significantly tilt the probabilities of being successful in their favor.

Our resources are built on years of real-world strategy and experience as independent investors. We focus on  simple, actionable intelligence to help you accelerate your decision-making.  Our resources are constantly updated to keep our edge.

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Our Focus: Longer term and active investing

Longer timeframes (investing)

  • Objective: Generate long term sustained portfolio growth
  • Target: investments that capitalize on long term trends
  • Timeframe: Long term (months to years)
  • Strategy: Buy and hold, buy strategic dips
  • Risk Level: Varies, focused on long term bull narrative, not worried about intraday dips, willing to look past 1-2 quarters
  • Sell Signals: When the fundamental narrative changes or a long-term trend reverses

Shorter timeframes (active trading)

  • Objective: focus on portfolio growth, not necessarily focused on a specific stock
  • Target: Stocks that follow specific trade strategies (e.g., momentum breakouts, reversal plays, )
  • Timeframe: Short term ( weeks, months)
  • Strategy: Buy breakouts, buy dips, sell rips
  • Risk Level: Defined risk/conservative, protect folio first when markets get choppy, or reverses down
  • Sell Signals: when stock reaches exit/escape criteria

SMA Active Trader Overview

Ready to take your trading to the next level?

SMA Active Trader is a great resource for more experienced traders who are looking for consistent income-generating and aggressive growth strategies. We primarily engage our community via a private Twitter feed. We share insights on market movement, outperforming industries, and detailed swing setup ideas. Our goal is to find winners consistently, control our losses, and focus on our equity curve.

Our Resources for Investors and Traders

Market Education

Sharpen your knowledge of the investing and trading

We share ongoing insights on market psychology,  portfolio management, risk management, trade management, and technical analysis. Use this resource to enhance your process!

Curated Swing/Position Ideas

Identifying potential market winners

We use our proprietary Industry Leaderboard to identify outperforming stocks in outperforming industries. We provide actionable ideas and will call new positions based on overall market health.

Weekly Market Pulse

Arm yourself with intelligence to tackle the week ahead

Our weekly market pulse get straight to the point with relevant news, macro-index charts, sector performance, and potential trade ideas. Get a jump start on gauging the market direction for the week!

Swing Model Folio

Track our performance. full transparency!

The model portfolio folio tracker summarizes our swing performance, number of positions, total allocation, and gains/losses. The folio is organized by strategy and by allocation size. Use the model folio as a guide to optimize your performance by analyzing our best trades.

"Detailed" Shopping Lists


Markets tend to go up and down over the course of time. We take advantage of significant corrections to identify potentially strong stocks across sectors. Our advanced shopping lists are even more detailed and include updated stock prices, strategic buy points, as well as links to annotated charts!