I’ve been slightly tardy in posting the month end results for the folio. But I have to say – the folio as a whole has stayed rock steady to end the month without a major loss. My previous folio results can be found on the COVID-19 Folio tab. August results can be found here.

For full transparency, I saw the folio dip from a high of 188% from Aug 29 to 165% by mid-September – that’s a 22% drawdown. however, as the market recovered from mid-September, the folio quickly erased those losses to get back to the all time high. None of this should be surprising for you as I have been saying for a while to be ready for volatility in September.

As of October 2nd the folio is now at 191.89% from the March bottom, extracting another 3% gain despite September volatility.

Top five performers:

  1. LVGO still earning top honors with 572% gains
  2. FSLY reclaims second place with 521% gains (congrats if you bought the dip)
  3. TSLA slips to third with 409% gains – the stock is now in buyable dip mode post battery day)
  4. SE inches up to fourth place (previously #5) with 287% gains
  5. PINS: inches up to fifth place (previously #7) with 281% gains (was #15 in July, #17 in May). Keep an eye on this one.

Other notable moves:

  1. ENPH moves up 3 spots to #9 – SOLAR IS HOT! (NOTE: SEDG hot too)
  2. ROKU moves up 3 spots to #14 – still underappreciated as a play this year
  3. AYX drops 8 spots to last place – this one just became a dog relative to the rest of the group

Parting thoughts:

September turned out to be a volatile month for the folio, exactly as we expected. October will likely be a continuation of that volatility. In a real trading situation, you will likely follow a process (I talk about my process abt dealing with volatility here), and that will help contain any major draw downs.

But as you can see from the folio above, even if you did absolutely nothing, holding on to the right names can make a huge difference to your portfolio health in times of volatility.

Remember – five more weeks to elections. October will likely continue to see chop. Be ruthless about your picks. Be prudent about your trades. I expect us to be back to our regular scheduled bull programming post-elections.

Trade wisely,


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