COVID-19 Comeback folio: June 18 update

The folio has officially crossed the 100% mark! What an incredible run from March 19, 2020. Most traders and investors may look back on this year and realize they missed a generational dip buy opportunities in the stock market. For those who took advantage…congrats.

While there may be tons of headlines that will lead to volatility in the folio – I’ll still be scaling into these names every week till I see a definitive move to the downside.

Key Stats

  1. Two names over 200%
  2. Five names between 150-200%
  3. Six names between 100-149%
  4. Five names between 80-99%
  5. Five names between

Top 5 performers:

  1. FSLY: 305.08%
  2. LVGO: 233.75%
  3. SOXL (3X semi bull): 175.82%
  4. DDOG: 167.69%
  5. SE: 165.60%