COVID-19 Comeback Folio – August 29 Update

The results of the COVID-19 August update are in, and man the results are still spectacular, despite TEN dips in the Q’s since the March bottom! We are up 188.22% from the March bottom.

  1. Livongo still snags top spot with 553% return.
  2. Tesla races up as the #2 pick, with a whopping 512% overall gain.
  3. Fastly gives up second place (temporarily) with 505% gains.
  4. SOXL (3x Semi ETF) gaining ground with 298% gains – Semis are getting hot.

Other notable moves:

  1. Pinterest moves 8 spots up from #15 to #8. Watch out.
  2. Alteryx moves to the bottom of the list from #20 with dismal earnings and guidance.
  3. ROKU barely unchanged (moved one spot down from July).

The party continues. Volatility expected as we approach September/October and the elections. For now, we stay long.

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