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Our Strategy

At Seattle Market Analytics, we bring over twenty years of combined experience in investment strategy, data analytics, and technology to tilt the odds of success in our favor. 

Our strategy is grounded in four principles – Perspective, Process, Patience, and Perseverance. These four principles allow us to achieve prosperity!

We use our experience to understand broad market forces and uncover hidden investment opportunities.

We actively “listen” to what the market tell us and will will quickly adjust our investing strategies based on asset classes, sectors and geographies.

We empower our community with practical resources and education to help them make sense of the market and become successful in their investing journey.

Navigating the market can be a daunting task. Navigate it with us and see the difference. 

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The “average” investor always thinks they are better than the average investor, especially when markets are in a strong uptrend. But many investors will realize how difficult it is to navigate when markets enter into periods of volatility. 

Identifying and buying a stock simply isn’t good enough. You need a system and a routine that allows you to navigate the markets regardless of direction. 

This is why we advocate for a top-down investing approach. Through education, practical examples and timely coaching – we help our members gain confidence in their their investing journey.   


Our Investing Approach

Our community loves SMA!

  • Before I used SMA Pro, I consistently lost money in the market even with IBD for my unmanaged account and multiple Merrill lynch and BofA advisors running my managed accounts. However, With the insight and clear guidance from SMA Pro, I rebuilt my unmanaged portfolio from a low of $14k to over $90K in less than a year. I now can relax knowing that with SMA Pro’s actionable intelligence , I can I can actually grow my money in retirement as opposed to watching it slip away. SMA Pro’s performance has even consistently crushed all managed account advisors I have ever known.

    Investor, Florida
  • What an amazing experience it’s been to view the markets from the lens of a true professional! I’ve learned so much in the past few weeks from your real-time commentary and reports, and have been benefiting from many of your calls. I continue to be amazed by how incredibly accurate your insights & perspectives are. The actionable intelligence you’re providing is allowing me to trade with confidence for the first time ever. I am grateful that you are sharing your expertise and doing so in such a professional and practical manner!

    Investor, Seattle
  • SMA team, thanks for all the really insightful info! I recently traded more actively using your picks and process and am up more than 30% in my account since mid-October! Keep up the great work!

    Investor, Atlanta