May 19, 2020

BZUN – Follow Up Monthly Review

This stock has been a dog for several months - thx to the trade war and now now COVID-19. That said, there is some support holding at 27.5 area that has held multiple times. We will see if BZUN is able to break out of this inverted cup. You are unauthorized to view this page....
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SPOT Swing trade

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The case that we continue to be in a bull market since the March bottom

I'm reposting some data from a reddit thread that I thought was quite helpful. Take a read. Great job to the author. You are unauthorized to view this page.
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Portfolio continues to chugg along. Up 76+% since March 19. Note: I have opened an M1 Folio and have been scaling back in every week. Top names: LVGO, ENPH, FSLY, SHOP, ETSY, DDOG, SOXL. These are all up 100+% Honorable mention TSLA (99.6%)
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