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Our community loves SMA Pro!

  • I used to get tweet notifications from over 50 Fintwit “experts” every day to guide my trading/investing, but after a week experiencing SMA Pro, I’ve found that your service meets all my needs. I’ve made more than enough to cover two years of subscriptions to SMA Pro in the past week solely from your extremely insightful and timely tips.

    The education you provide regarding composing portfolios, and the intraday guidance you provide allowed me to trade/invest with a newfound confidence, ease, and success. It’s hard to put a price tag on the value that you are providing because it reflects a deep insight and vast experience that many market gurus claim to have, but very few actually possess. That is what alerted me to you in the first place, as I noticed that time after time, you kept nailing the calls. And I have been even more impressed by experiencing your guidance real-time with SMA Pro.

    I am grateful and looking forward to the opportunity to become a subscriber and hopefully a friend for a very long time!

  • In today’s world where time is premium, it was great to be able to read SMA Pro’s content. It has just the right amount of details and be able to perform my own due diligence before deciding on entering a position. Some of my returns as of today since following the SMA Pro team in the short period are staggering.
    – MSTR: 70% (in 2 weeks!)
    – NIO: 78%
    – UPWK: 79%
    – FVRR: 45%
    – FTCH: 39%
    The SMA Pro team is responsive, forthcoming, passionate & extremely generous in providing all knowledge for all to see. I recommend anyone who wants to learn to invest in the market – come give SMA Pro a go.

    Investor, Australia
  • Jan 2021 is my best month so far. LT folio up by 15-20% because of your LT picks from the past and my trading account saw an 18% increase. I feel so confident in managing my investments. You guys are the best out there. Thanks for your help!

    Investor, California
  • Before I used SMA Pro, I consistently lost money in the market even with IBD for my unmanaged account and multiple Merrill lynch and BofA advisors running my managed accounts. However, With the insight and clear guidance from SMA Pro, I rebuilt my unmanaged portfolio from a low of $14k to over $90K in less than a year. I now can relax knowing that with SMA Pro’s actionable intelligence , I can I can actually grow my money in retirement as opposed to watching it slip away. SMA Pro’s performance has even consistently crushed all managed account advisors I have ever known.

    Investor, Florida
  • All this information is mind blowing. I am going to approach it bit by bit, and so impressed with the layout and amount of time and passion that you have undoubtedly put in this product. Many thanks to being a part of the team/fan club!!!

  • Les, thanks for all the really insightful info. I recently traded more actively using your picks and process and am up more than 30% in my account since mid-October! Keep up the great work!

    Investor, Atlanta
  • I always have the Analytics blog open on one of my tabs and have truly learned a lot from you – can’t stress than enough. Really appreciate the valuable insight you provide!

  • I have learned more from following your portfolio blogs and posts than other sources combined. Love the format and tone of your perspectives. Just wish I had found them sooner!

  • What an amazing experience it’s been to view the markets from the lens of a true professional! I’ve learned so much in the past few weeks from your real-time commentary and reports, and have been benefiting from many of your calls. I continue to be amazed by how incredibly accurate your insights & perspectives are. The actionable intelligence you’re providing is allowing me to trade with confidence for the first time ever. I am grateful that you are sharing your expertise and doing so in such a professional and practical manner!

  • I am one month into listening to and learning from you and I wanted to say thank you! I’ve made more with SMA Pro’s calls in one month than I’ve earned annually by myself. This is a game changer! I know I can trust the data and the process which leads to your recommendations.

    Investor, Singapore